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Bretcrown BTS Ltd (Best Top Sellers) 
(BTS) for Sellers that wish to edit their wardrobes and Discerning Shoppers.


  Bretcrown BTS Ltd Trading As
'Best-Top-Seller' (BTS)
ine designer Re-sale store of its 

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Best Top Sellers (BTS)

Best Top Sellers (BTS)  is a 'Boutique On-Line Resale Store' - The Leading On-line Designer Re-Sale Store of its kind simultaneously listing items with other World-Wide Platforms as considered appropriate to reach a market of over 100 Million Registered On-Line Shoppers.

BTS makes it seamless!  We photograph, catalog, authenticate and list your items.

Our audience is worldwide.
We sell to an audience of over 100 million registered on-line shoppers.

Earn money fast! Watch your items sell and receive fast payment!  BTS charges Commission Fees of 33.3% and the Seller receives 66.6% of net sales proceeds.

Help Desk Tel: +44 (0) 20 7931 9881
Email Address:


Pauline M Van Luven - Founder


Sellers have the option of using BTS's Concierge Service. The Concierge Service does everything with the Seller and makes a complete on site review of all the Items that the Seller wishes to sell.  When Items are selected, a price for each Item is established subject to confirmation by BTS's Curation Team. All required photographs are taken at BTS's Studio.  BTS generates a full and accurate description and lists your Items World-Wide.  

BTS charges a site visit fee for its Concierge Service, which is discussed and agreed at the time.  



When a Seller Registers Items to sell they complete the Submittal Form to the left.  When this choice is selected BTS requires photographs of your Items from different angles and showing the labels. These photographs should show the Item against a plain background. The photographs are sent to: Please note that all photographs must be in normal mode NOT THUMBNAIL.  

The item must be Authentic and accurately described.  BTS will then get back to the Seller to agree the selling price and prepare the listing once its Curation Team authenticates the Item.

Sellers retain the Items until sold unless BTS agrees to safeguard the Items. When an Item is sold Sellers send the Item to BTS and BTS does everything else.  

BTS shall market the Item for a Sales Cycle of 12 weeks from the agreed Start Date.  Should the Item still remain unsold at the end of the Sales Cycle, BTS at its discretion will reduce the price by up to 30% and offer it for a further Sales Cycle of 12 weeks. See BTS's Terms and Conditions. In this respect, while some Items sell quickly BTS prices each Item at the maximum price of its guideline to enable room for negotiation. Buyers normally make offers so BTS's pricing Policy allows for this.

BTS supports Cancer Research UK and contributes 15% of its profits to this very worthy cause.